Learn to navigate (your) stress

Discover where stress comes from, the impact it has on you and others, and how best to deal with it. Together, we aim to build a society that is not only healthier but also happier!

Widmills of recharging Village of relaxation
Factory of productivity
Island of boredom Pond of negativity
Track of overthinking
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Mental health care


Play, Share, and Learn

The Navigating Stress toolkit playfully enables engaging and accessible conversations about stress. Both within teams as in one-on-one sessions.

Ready for an adventure? Start by exploring the landscape map, where you will immediately discover both positive and negative aspects of stress.

Wanting to be satisfied with results
Wanting to be satisfied with results

Create a Unique Stress Landscape

Step by step, you will fill the map with stamps and routes. This allows you to explore (personal) stress factors, find out how they originate, and where they lead to. Resulting in collectively gaining more knowledge, insights and methods to better navigate the stress landscape.

Stop comparing myself to others
Stop comparing myself to others

Our mission

All too often, stress negatively impacts well-being and job satisfaction. Knowledge on stress is limited, while talking about it can be challenging. Our ‘serious game’ allows everyone to work on their mental health.

By breaking taboos and making stress tangible, we help people recognize stress and enable them to take (preventive) action!

Solving everything for everyone Learning to say 'no'
Solving everything for everyone Learning to say 'no'
onze_kennispartners onze_kennispartners

Our knowledge partners

Navigating Stress contributes to Positive Health. We like to collaborate with other organisations to share knowledge and increase our impact.

Sharing knowledge? Email us