About us

We want to live in a more pleasant and healthier society, where stress does not negatively impact our lives, but instead helps to activate and motivate people.

That’s the reason we are eager to help people identify sources of stress, understand what its influence is on themselves and others, and how to respond to it effectively. We have a dedicated team – consisting of coaches, psychologists, social designers, connectors and experience experts – that pioneers and implements innovative methods in addressing mental health.

With enthusiasm and ambition, we have developed a philosophy that can be used in the workplace and in classrooms. But also by a large variety of coaches. Bringing people together while sharing inspiration and practical tips, aiming to collectively enhance mental well-being.

Will you join us?


(1. Plan and direct a course from where you are to where you want to go.
(2. Skillfully manage.

{ Definition of Navigating Stress }
Identify and understand stress factors to be able to perform actions that guide you towards your desired state of mind.

The team

Curious about our approach or eager to get to know more about our team? Contact us at

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Louise Hildebrand
Trainer & content creator

With a background in psychology, Louise inspires people to actively work on their mental health. As a strategic thinker she reaches her targets. Not just as a coach but also as a content creator.

Proud: "Over the course of over two decades – from being a yoga instructor to an occupational psychologist – I motivated numerous individuals in enhancing their own well-being actively!"

Energy: “Mental health and personal growth: ideally I’d love to spend the entire day on these subjects.”

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Pim Korendijk
Trainer & Coach

Pim assists in discovering and transforming behavioral patterns that do negatively impact personal goals. Offering insights from business coaching, biology and personal experiences.

Proud: “My son and comfortable home. After my burn-out I managed to change my way of life. Now as a coach, I guide others toward better balancing their core values and their goals."

Energy: “I get energized by individuals who are willing to work on personal growth and on exploring challenges.”

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Vera Loos
Trainer & Coach

Vera approaches situations strategically, with a people-oriented mindset. Always taking into account the desires and needs of an organization. Excelling in motivating employees and engaging them effectively and sustainably.

Proud: “When at the end of a session people walk out with more confidence, insights, and a sense of fulfillment and inspiration.”

Energy: “Witnessing the impact of my approach on individuals in terms of energy and motivation; seeing the positive outcome it creates for organizations and management.”

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Elroy Lemmens
Trainer & Coach

As a coach with experience in both the military and sports, Elroy enjoys working with teams that want to push themselves to the limit. Skilled in mental coaching, breath coaching and mindfulness, Elroy’s strength is his versatility, combined with a contagious energy.

Proud: “My beautiful family, business, and all the adventures I’ve experienced.”

Energy: “Working with people, learning, motorcycling, exercising, and exploring nature.”

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Mariëtte Visser
Trainer & Coach

Experienced in management, HR, coaching, and training, Mariëtte powerfully combines working with people and the various perspectives organizations have. Operating with a clear mind and a warm heart, Mariëtte is always able to connect with people.

Proud: "To have had the opportunity to work with many different individuals, providing me with a huge experience, while training my flexibility and resilience.”

Energy: “Supporting people in their own development: empowered individuals are at the base of strong and healthy organizations. That's what I strive for!”

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Jelle Henssen
Trainer & Coach

Jelle's strength lies in inspiring and connecting people. With his no-nonsense approach, he facilitates accessible workshops and creates space for laughter.

Proud:"Walking my own path and training and guiding people, something I dreamed of a few years ago, has now become a reality."

Energy:"Bringing ideas into reality and seeing people empowered and comfortable in their own skin."

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Hasse Bosboom
Trainer & Coach

As a coach with expertise in pedagogy, sports, and healthcare, Hasse inspires people mentally. His strength lies in translating important values into daily behavior.

Proud: "When I hear that new insights and experiences have been gained after sessions or workshops."

Energy: "From interacting with people. Additionally, I derive energy from guiding and mentally challenging teams with a (common) goal."

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Filas Lambrechtse
Business Developer

Filas is skilled at listening and helping to uncover underlying factors in order to address them together. With a background in applied psychology and business administration, he works on expanding our reach and positive impact.

Proud: "From assisting someone further in their journey towards self-awareness and introspection. Additionally, I enjoy pairing the perfect wine with my home cooked dishes."

Energy: "That my approach to my academic career can immediately bear fruit in collaboration with Navigating Stress."

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Thomas van Burken
UX/UI designer

As a User Interface designer, Thomas primarily focuses on the digital environment of Navigating Stress. He has created this beautiful website and assists the team with all the technical tasks.

Proud: "That I get to do what I love every day."

Energy: "My battery recharges by creating, renovating and repairing: from motorcycles to designer furniture, from coffee makers to bicycles, and from wood to carbon. A break from the digital world."

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Geert Kruijswijk
Founder & Business developer

As one of Navigating Stress’ founders, Geert uses his extensive experience to transform concepts into organizations. Excelling at inspiring people and connecting the right individuals and organizations.

Proud: “On what we are building. With conviction and creativity (and proven results!), our organization is growing. Genuinely making an impact on people’s lives..!”

Energy: “Being in contact with people and achieving things together. Engaging in sports, travelling, cooking, and spending time with my family.”

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Mirte van der Nat
Founder & Designer

As creator and designer of Navigating Stress, Mirte is always exploring how to make a positive impact on society. Eagerly collaborating with other stakeholders like users and experts in the field.

Proud: “Navigating Stress is already widely used, helping people gain insights and actively engage in improving their mental health.”

Energy: “Learning, discovering, and designing. Additionally, I enjoy spending time in nature, exercising and cooking.”

Befriended organizations

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Design for mental wellbeing

When developing Navigating Stress we researched broadly, collaborating with psychologists, coaches, mentors, and experience experts, among others. The toolkit has been extensively tested in collaboration with and among the target group.

Navigating Stress won the Planetree Design Award in 2021! A prize – awarded by the GGz Eindhoven in collaboration with the Design Academy Eindhoven – for inspiring and impactful design around a mental health issue.


Anyone who experiences stress, is looking for insight into mental health, or who interacts with stressed people.