Where do you use the toolkit?

At work

Vital teams

Do you want to empower your colleagues to improve their mental health? Stress has become the number one reason for sick leave. Something that has to change. Our toolkit lets you discover the impact of stress on you and your colleagues, but also how you can create a more enjoyable, safe and suitable work environment.

Our toolkit enables open, accessible conversations about stress. Working both preventative and curative, revealing potential barriers as well as motivating factors. Enabling teams to improve interactions, resulting in improved vitality, more job satisfaction, higher output and reduced sick leave.

  • Break taboo
  • Enhance mental health
  • Take (preventive) action
  • Improve teamwork
  • Increase job satisfaction

“I now understand why my colleague asks certain questions.”


Participant team expedition at &Happy

“We use the toolkit during introductory meeting. This way, we gain valuable insights that align with our personalized approach.”


Faas, Recruiter Workbuddy


Are the average costs per day per sick employee.
(MKB servicedesk, 2023)


Of the millennials, believe that employers should take more responsibility for the mental health of their employees.

(Empowr, 2023)


Employees in the Netherlands experience burnout symptoms.

(Nationale Enquête Arbeidsomstandigheden, 2022)

In the classroom

Resilient students

Why do students already experience too much pressure? Our youth embodies the future, making it all the more alarming that burnout symptoms amongst youngsters continue to rise. Factors like FOMO, intense decision-making processes, performance anxiety and bullying are just a couple of challenges young people face nowadays. Let’s work together proactively to address these issues.

Navigating Stress dares young people to be vulnerable, to share their feelings and experiences, and to learn. But above all; to improve their awareness on (their own) mental health. So they can gain more control and become ‘mental well-being’ ambassadors for the coming decades.

“It's nice to playfully get acquainted with different types of stress and collectively search for a solution.”

Rixt, Student Design Academy Eindhoven

  • Increase openness on mental health
  • Enhance knowledge
  • Encourage self-reflection
  • Take (preventative) action
  • Develop lifelong skills

Young people experience performance pressure.

(Mind us, 2023)


Of young people perceive it as taboo to talk about mental health issues.

(3vraagt, 2022)


Of the mental health problems arise before the age of 25.
(Mind us , 2023) 

During a consultation

Discover and share

What’s the main cause for stress with your clients? What side effects do they experience, and how do they cope? Stress often negatively influences people’s daily lives. Self-reflection is essential in discovering what limits and motivates you. Encourage self-reflection and shift focus towards areas for improvement, while simultaneously acknowledge successes.

Navigating Stress enables you to approach stress from different perspectives in an accessible, interactive and playful manner. Whether you’re working with a team or you’re coaching one-on-one, our toolkit’s visualizations provide clear starting points for further steps, enabling a more personal approach.

“A visualizations conveys over 1000 words and provides rapid insights.”


Jaqueline, Coach perspectief in zicht

“This tool is going to make my work easier and more enjoyable. Nice to have a physical product!”


Participant, NOBCO innovation day

  • Innovative tool
  • Empower clients
  • Visualize thoughts
  • Playful and refreshing
  • Versatile use